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The Rules of Writing-Parts of Speech-Adjective 2
Published: September 24, 2012

Are there different types of adjectives?

There are six classes of adjectives in the English language:

Numeric: five, eleven, four hundred

Quantitative: more, all, some, half, enough

Qualitative: red, soft, sweet, thick

Possessive: my, his, their, your

Interrogative: which, whose, what

Demonstrative: this, that, those, these

Each category of adjectives will describe nouns in a different way.

Descriptive adjectives
Numeric, quantitative, and qualitative adjectives modify nouns, adding features, nature, feel, personality, age, or number. Asking of the noun what kind identifies a descriptive adjective.

Paula has a large tree house.

What kind of tree house? A large one.

The pet alligator is spotted.

What kind of alligator? A spotted one.

Common adjectives
These describe nouns or pronouns.

Intelligent man

Red rose

Awesome view

Proper adjectives
These are adjectives formed from proper nouns.

Mexican food

European fashion

Compound adjectives
These are made up of more than one word.

Far-off state

Sage-green dress

Possessive, demonstrative, and indefinite adjectives
These adjectives are similar to possessive, demonstrative, and indefinite pronouns, except that they modify a noun phrase, pronoun, or noun. Asking of the noun whose identifies a possessive adjective

Bart loved his lizard.

Whose lizard? His.

Chloe often gave comfort to her brother.

Whose brother? Her.

Interrogative Pronouns like which, what, who, or whose can act as Determiners.

What referee did Josh offend?

It doesn’t matter which pizza you order.

Which runner arrived last?

He doesn’t know whose wine he drank.

Asking of the noun which identifies a demonstrative adjective.

Eryn drew this cat.

Which cat? This cat.

A woman bought these books.

Which books? These books.

Writer’s Companion, Renee Miller & Carlos Cortes

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