Monday, September 24, 2012
Veronica Sicoe
Veronica Sicoe
About The Editor
 Veronica is a science-fiction writer focusing on the use of applied psychology for advanced self-management and character development.

In other words, Veronica Sicoe is a psychology buff with a penchant for theoretical physics, an insatiable curiosity and drive toward progress, and an untamable urge to write.

She's found many wonderful ways to combine her passions and derives tremendous satisfaction out of knowledge, courage and assertiveness, in life as well as in writing fiction. And she loves to share her enthusiasm.

From a young age, Veronica has devoured any book she could find about the workings of the human mind and its marvelous interpretations of reality, from philosophy and world religions, to psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience, from the natural sciences to theoretical physics, string theory and plasma cosmology. Through all this, she kept writing stories of one shape or another, but never intended them to be read by others. Until she realized she'd be letting herself down if she didn't make the most out of her passions, and she strongly believes every single one of us owes it to himself to fulfill his potential.