Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Members of critique groups must observe etiquette rules and norms to steer clear of hurting, or otherwise bruising the tender egos of writers. Most sages counsel to follow every negative comment with a word of praise; a lump of sugar after the bitter pill sort of thing. We concur. In our opinion, anyone participating in a critique group must flaunt exquisite diplomacy and fastidious manners.

The Inquisition is not a critique group.

Inside, we are building a dreadful place; a dungeon with one single stout chair bolted to the floor where the wretched scribes who dared submitting their ill conceived and shoddily executed manuscripts, will endure the harshest punishment from pitiless critics. The inquisitors will tear apart paragraphs, scenes, and chapters. They will demand justification for each flaw, deaf to the puny excuses of the author, before dictating harrowing condemnations.

Writers should abandon all hope before entering here.

Coming Soon...