Thursday, January 10, 2013
New Year’s Opportunities
By OFW Editor: Carlos J Cortes
Published: January 01, 2013

In this young 2013 year, traditional publishers and other heavyweights are finally testing the waters of the direct submission process. Perhaps my mind is becoming more tortuous with age, but the new trend feels like the closing of a circle to start all over again. It could be that last year’s spate of titles that went to print through unorthodox methods (unorthodox to entrenched traditional publishers) has whetted the appetites of editors pressed for results.

In any case, there’s an intriguing movement; publishing lines, calls for submission, contests, you name it: new strategies to explore on the road to publication.

Here at OFW, we’re putting together a weekly section to list submission avenues with links to the pages with rules of entry with news and developments to map the pulse of events.

To start there’s the Amazon’s 2013 Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, a plum with superb prizes and scope, though you can expect stronger competition than in other events. Why? Because the prizes and possibility of promotion are good enough to draw many professional established writers into the fray. 

Random House’s wants a piece of the cake, and under the umbrella of New Digital Imprintshas launched a handful of collections; Loveswept, Alibi, Hydra and Flirt to lure writers into their mighty nets. The only problem is the work length. Though they state that length is not dead set, they’ve limited it to 60,000 words or shorter, which excludes full-length novel manuscripts.
Another call for submission comes from Harper Collins. Their new imprint Avon Impulse wants romance-themed works in every possible genre.
Freelance writer James Chappman wrote an article at Squidoo,listing the ten most read books of all times. Besides the expected titles, a few may cause surprise (and give food for thought).

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