Saturday, July 27, 2013
Shortest Short Stories
By OFW editor: Katrina Monroe
Published: April 12, 2013

As a short fiction writer, I think its only appropriate that I pay homage to the shortest of the shorts. These stories are complete with conflict and resolution in less than 20 words which is, in a word, brilliant.
Untitled by Ernest Hemingway
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
If that doesn't break your fucking heart I don't know what will.
“Knock” by Frederick Brown
The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.
And then came the response...
“A Horror Story Shorter by One Letter than the Shortest Story Ever Told” by Ron Smith
The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a lock on the door.
Cheeky bastard.
“El Dinosaurio” by Augusto Monterroso
Cuando desperto, el dinosaurio todavia estaba alli.
Translates to: When he awoke, the dinosaur was still there.
Untitled by Margaret Atwood
Longed for him. Got him. Shit.
Truth, my dear. Truth.
Untitled by Joss Whedon
Gown removed carelessly. Head, less so.
Must've been a vampire.
Untitled by Orson Scott Card
The baby's blood type? Human, mostly.
Holy shit! He wrote a story about me! What? No? Oh.
Untitled by Richard Powers
Lie detector eyeglasses perfected: civilization collapses.
I plead the fifth.
Untitled by Neal Stephenson
Tick tock tick tock tick tick.
Untitled by Graeme Gibson
Thought I was right. I wasn't.
Funny. I never have that problem.

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