Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Twenty Euphemisms for Sex
By OFW editor: Katrina Monroe
Published: October 25, 2013


Sometimes, the right thing to write is “have sex.” Sometimes, “fuck” is the proper terminology for your character/scene. But what about all those other moments when neither is quite right? Behold! The answer to your sexy-time woes. Read, laugh, weep, then put the phrases into your character’s mouths. Any good ones I’ve missed?


A bit of the ol’ in and out

Beast with two backs

Making whoopee

Horizontal hula

Feather bed jig

Sink the sausage

Feed the kitty


The disappearing cane trick


Makin’ bacon

Buzz the brillo

How’s your father?

Roast the broomstick

Post a letter

Making feet for children’s shoes

Introduce Charley

Midnight jockey ride

Rolling the newspaper

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