Tuesday, December 25, 2012
What Your Halloween Costume Says About You
By OFW editor: Renée Miller
Published: November 08, 2012


Ever look at a person at a Halloween party and find your gut making snap judgments about them? It’s okay, because a person’s go-to costume really does say a lot about their personality. I’ve done a very unscientific study, encompassing just me and my opinions, and come up with brilliant personality profiles based on your favorite costume. Yes, I’m amazing.
1. Celebrities
You’re trendy and you want people to know it. You also kind of suck at individuality. Folks that dress like celebrities like to be connected to said celebrity’s interests, causes or personality traits associated with the celebrity’s image. You know, power, rebellions, sexuality, etc. Problem is, you aren't really a stand-out personality on your own, because you try so hard to be like the cool kids. You want to be seen as daring, but you always end up making the safe option.
2. Sexy Costumes
You’re a slut. No, relax. I’m kidding with you. Not that there's anything wrong with being a slut. Dressing as a sexy firefighter, French maid, or any other scantily clad lusty persona may be one of two types of personalities. You’re either not at all sexually repressed and enjoy pursuing all things pleasurable and lusty, or you’re engaged in an internal struggle between the moral, upstanding person you feel you have to be and the free-thinking, sexually unburdened person you’re not quite brave enough to be.
3. Innocents
If you dress up as pure, sweet characters typically associated with innocence, like princesses, fairies, or cute cuddly animals, you long to return to that safe and simple childhood you either had, or were denied. Yes, I know how deep that is.
4. Heroes
If you dress as a superhero, I’m afraid you’re boring, predictable and probably a little on the annoying side. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re also balanced, kind, and mostly loyal. You’re a good friend. On the downside, you don’t feel like you’re all of those things. Folks who dress like superheroes want to be good, kind people that everyone likes and looks up to, but in reality they feel insecure and helpless.
5. Animals
We already discussed cute, innocent animals, but if you dress up as the other types (aggressive, proud, exotic, and such), you’re actually showing a desire to express the attributes you share with said animals, but for some reason hide from the rest of the world. Sexy cat costumes are often worn by reserved people. Fierce animals like wolves and lions are usually worn by folks who are scared of their own shadows. Of course there are exceptions. Sometimes people just like to wear annoying animal costumes because they have no imaginations.
6. Monsters
 Zombie, vampire, werewolf, and other monster costumes are worn by folks who are fascinated with the macabre and the grotesque. If you prefer to wear monster costumes, you have a tendency to romanticize death and a strong desire for power and control. While you might be afraid of these things, you’re still drawn to them. I like monster costumes.
7. Villains
If you like to play the villain every Halloween, you’re creative but cautious. You have a dark side that you like to indulge, but you’re not so confident about revealing it any other day of the year. This costume allows you to safely express your inner baddie without judgment. You’re a little on the vulnerable side too, and you use the costume as a way to alienate the folks that intimidate you. Kind of like a passive “fuck you” to the assholes in your life.
8. Cartoon Characters
If clowns or other cartoonish characters are your go-to costume, you’re fucking creepy. Just kidding. Actually, cartoonish costumes are worn by folks with an excellent sense of humor and a serious drive to be silly and carefree. You love having fun and you wish the world would just relax.
9. Couples Costumes
You’re annoying. Stop it.
10. The Non-Costume
I’m not talking about people who don’t partake in the Halloween hoopla, I’m talking about the jackasses who throw a sheet over their head or plop on a mask or  hat, and call that bullshit a costume. Those folks want to be part of the crowd, but are too insecure to go all-out and actually pick a costume. Secretly they’re self-conscious, needy, and want others to believe they’re too cool to follow the status quo. Sadly, a non-costume screams “I’m a sheep!” because it doesn’t require any thought or daring at all. Sigh. You’re sad Mr. Cool. Just sad.

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