Monday, September 16, 2013
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Not Getting OFW’s updates or newsletters?
Although our updates and newsletters seem to be sent directly from OFW, it’s sub-contracted out to a web-based email marketing service called Constant Contact. If you don’treceive the OFW Newsletter or regular updates, perhaps your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks emails originating from Constant Contact. Email blocking is an unavoidable part of commercial e-mail and affects a small percentage of Constant Contact email. You can try two strategies to solve this problem.
Strategy one
Use a different e-mail address
The immediate solution is to provide us with another email address with an unblocked domain. This change will allow you to receive the OFW Newsletter through Constant Contact.
Strategy two
Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
If your ISP blocks Constant Contact e-mails you can request that they add the Constant Contact IP addresses OR domains to their "whitelist." To do so, you must provide them with the necessary information. A letter to your ISP not only relays your dissatisfaction, but requests a lift to the block. Constant Contact has drafted a sample letter that you may use to contact your ISP. Please, also forward your complaint ticket number from the ISP to [email protected] 
General help
Are you confused, puzzled, perplexed, baffled, mystified, flummoxed, stumped, bemused, befuddled, or otherwise bewildered about navigating the OFW website or any of its sections? We’ll rally to your help if you drop us a line, here.